Sasquatch in the Classroom

Students Review Alaska’s Snow White
By Cassady Coulter
First published on Sasquatch Books
May 27, 2015 | Category: Children’s Books

Visitors to Mr. Coulter’s first-grade classroom are greeted by an unconventional sight. Eighteen typewriters sit on the students’ desks, and you can hear the click-clack of little fingers punching the keys. Mr. Coulter has been teaching at Lakeview Elementary in Kirkland, WA, for 15 years, and he recently started incorporating typewriters into his curriculum.

Mr. Coulter has found that a remarkable thing happens when his students use the typewriters. Unlike computers, where auto-correct and spell-check take the place of typing each word correctly, typewriters force his kids to put serious thought into every word they type. He says it makes them more conscious of sounding out the word before typing it, because when they press the letter stamp into the paper, it’s permanent. He has also found that typewriters even the playing field between some of the faster writers and students who struggle with writing.

Mr. Coulter’s class recently read Alaska’s Snow White and Her Seven Sled Dogs and typed out their reviews of the book. We’re excited to share a few with you!

For more on Mr. Coulter’s class and their typewriters, check out this article from 425 magazine.

Alaska's Snow White reviews (dragged) Alaska's Snow White reviews (dragged) 1 Alaska's Snow White reviews (dragged) 2



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