Looking for a Laugh? Here’s Some of the Best Improv in Seattle

Take a look at our collection of some of the funniest improv theater in the city
First Published by Seattle Magazine

Posted June 05, 2015

Everyone needs a good laugh now and then, so we’ve rounded up some of the best improvisational shows in Seattle. Watch trained comedians come up with unique, on-the-spot material and see a show that’s guaranteed to never be the same on any given night. Improv is a great icebreaker for a first date, fun for a night out with friends or even a happy hour with coworkers. You should also know that tickets are cheaper for most shows when purchased in advance, and you can’t always buy tickets at the door as some of them fill up fast.

Unexpected Productions

Head down to Post Alley to experience Unexpected Production’s collection of improv shows. The group has been performing in Seattle since 1983, and has done shows all over the world, from Europe to Australia. Stop in and experience its longest-running show, Seattle Theatresports, (performed for more than 30 years) in which two teams of improvisers go head to head to compete for laughs in front of a panel of judges. You can also watch Improv Happy Hour every Friday night at 7 p.m. for a good laugh and discounted drinks. Plus there are a host of other shows such as Mystery Hour, an improvised radio show and a student show featuring the next generation of improvisers.

Jet City Improv

Jet City has been making Seattleites chuckle for the past 22 years. Located in the University District, Jet City puts together new shows every night. In Jet City’s flagship performance, the comedians play classic improv games, improvise songs, and act out scenes based on audience suggestions. The troupe also performs a movie re-dubbing show called Twisted Flicks, and their long-form show What If involves performers acting out stories around one cohesive theme. If you prefer a gameshow style of improv, opt for the Claim of Thrones, in which the performers tell a different story each night about the fate of four warring families. Every character’s story is left up to the audience, including whether he or she lives or dies.

Seattle Comedy Group

Head over to Fremont for a variety of improv shows from Seattle Comedy Group. This troupe puts on shows solely based on audience suggestions, so you never know what you’re going to get. In the ComedySportz show every Friday and Saturday from 8 to 10 p.m., two teams compete for audience laughter and applause. For the non-PG crowd, The Blue Show encourages the audience to dream up offensive or raunchy topics for the comedy professionals to take on. Other performances worth checking out: the Green Show, Cast of One, Comedy Open Mic and Fremont Industry Comedy Night. All shows are $13.

Being Humans Improv

Located in Greenwood, Being Humans Improv caters to the audience with short scenes and longer stories that can morph into something completely different than the initial suggestion. A scene can evolve from a romantic comedy into a musical and then a dramatic love scene. Shows take place at the Pocket Theater and are $10 online and $14 at the door.

Seattle Experimental Theater

If you’re looking for themed shows, this is your bag. The Seattle Experimental Theater troupe does themes in spades, including a fully improvised parody of original Star Trek episodes, re-enactments of audience members’ real-life wedding horror stories and a fully improvised two-act parody of the works of author Nicholas Sparks called The Journal, which differs each night depending on crowd suggestions. It’s still finalizing shows for the upcoming season that begins this month, so check out the Facebook page for updates and times.

Check out Seattleimprov.com for more info on improve.


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