Cascade Regional Blood Services: Blood Donors Saved Sarah’s Life

Just weeks before graduating from high school, Sarah was in a near-fatal car accident. She received about 15 units of blood during her treatments, thanks to Cascade Regional Blood Services volunteer blood donors.

Reactions: Contingent faculty seek unionization

By: Jesse Major & Cassady Coulter

-First published on Lute Times

Contingent faculty at Pacific Lutheran University published a letter April 12 in The Mooring Mast stating they are seeking unionization through Service Employees International Union.

Employment for contingent faculty relies on the changing needs of the university from year to year. They are also paid a fraction of what full-time faculty earn.

Although tenured and contingent faculty spoke about their opinions, others on campus declined to comment. A pre-tenure professor did not comment because she didn’t want to put her job in jeopardy. Another staff member would not comment because of a connection to administration.

Why do PLU students vote?

With the 2012 election fast approaching, we were curious to see if students at Pacific Lutheran University students were voting and why. We wondered what issues were important to college students and if people in our generation think that it is necessary to exercise the right to vote.

Video produced by: Cassady Coulter and Steven Mueller


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